User Category Table


1.    Not-for-profit youth and adult groups, associations and organizations whose goals and purposes dovetail with those of the CSCNO, such as Boy Scouts, Girl Guides,  Cadets, the YMCA and Red Cross, as well as sports, parish and religious organizations.

2.    Groups, associations and organizations that represent community youth and adults and that are party to an agreement on the joint use of school and municipal facilities.

3.    Adult not-for-profit sports groups.

4.    Any other not-for-profit community youth and/or adult group, association or organization, such as a health centre, charity, philanthropic club or cultural school, senior’s or CSCNO union group.

5.    For-profit individuals or groups that provide services during school hours and educational institutions that receive funding from the Ministry of Education and/or Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, such as colleges, universities, training centres and summer schools.

6.    For-profit organizations and/or institutions that offer services to students during school hours, such as music classes.

7.    Any other for-profit youth or adult community group or organization. This category includes individuals as well as associations and other community groups that offer courses intended to generate income and profits, such as dance classes, high-level sports, martial arts and driving schools, external remunerated tutorial services and baby-sitting and first aid classes.